I was inspired to write about this after reading this post. Unfortunately, the blogger isn’t active anymore :( The post had a short section that struck me and it was basically posing this same question (Who told you that?) . If you read her post you’ll see that I’m actually just echoing her voice and views which really spoke volumes for me. I wish I could thank her for how much she’s brought to light for me and I hope it stirs something in you too.


It’s no surprise that probably every one of us have been told one of those things, or at least something discouraging and just plain rude. We obviously know exactly who throws those words or ideas at us but we so easily forget what God says about us. What I’ve never considered is, He asked Adam and Eve this very question in Genesis 3:11. You have to realize that before they gave in to the temptation of the serpent, they were happy and unashamed to be naked. Yet, all of a sudden, after they ate the forbidden fruit, they were so ashamed of their nakedness that they hid from God who then asks, “Who told you that you were naked?”. Let’s not forget though, that God knows all, so He knew exactly where they got that information from.


So WHY did He ask them that if He already knew? I believe He was asking because He wanted it to register with them that it did not come from Him. God did not tell them that they were naked, they weren’t even aware of what naked was and therefore had no issue with it at all, and because it did not come from God then it’s not something they should have been ashamed of. The serpent opened up this can of worms and brought to light their “faults” and that’s exactly the same thing people and society do. When we’re born, we live freely, happily, unashamed of who we are, until we’re taught the disgusting art of looking down on ourselves when we’re confronted with things such as the words on the featured image for this post. Did God ever say it was a shame for them to walk around naked? No, and if it was, He surely would have covered them up to begin with!


So, who told you that? Who told you that you’re ugly? Who told you that you’re stupid? Who told you that you’re not worthy of love? Who told you that you need make-up to look to pretty? Who told you that you’re not good enough? Who told you that you need to have a model body to be attractive? Who told you that you need to have a certain size of breasts or butt to be sexy? I don’t know who told you but I know who didn’t – God. And if His words are way more truthful than a mere human beings’ then why believe it? Why take in what everybody else says to be the truth? People that haven’t (and will never) master whatever perfection is suppose to look like in this world filled with twisted opinions. And sometimes it doesn’t even come directly at you from specific people, sometimes it’s via the powerful influence of media and society. What messages are advertisements and social media giving out? Telling you that the ideal body should look like this and the ideal personality should look like that, challenging you to get that “perfect” A4 waist??? That, by the way, has got to be one of the most ludicrous and demeaning trends to surface. If you haven’t heard about it, please click on the link and give it a read.


God didn’t make us all different just ‘cause He was bored. He’s a creative God and you can see it in all of nature and all people He creates i.e. you, me and everyone else! And He says the same thing about EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US! Regardless of what we look like, dress like, talk like, laugh like, walk like! We’re all different in our personality, in our bodies, in our talents, in our style etc. The only likeness we’re suppose to embrace in one another is our likenesses in God, since we’re all created in His image. God is creative, worthy of respect, worthy of love, strong, powerful, smart; so we too are all those things because He is embedded in us.


SO many people fail to see their potential, fail to see their worth, fail to see their beauty, fail to see their talents, fail to see their awesomeness! They fail to live in their nakedness (in their own skin, to fiercely be themselves). All because they’re too busy listening to the lies sprung up from other people, society, thoughts and/or things that claim they ought to be ashamed of who they are. So, like Adam and Eve, they hide behind stuff they don’t need to instead of embracing the way they were  created,  they stay ashamed of what they shouldn’t be ashamed of.


Can I ask you not to be ashamed to walk around “naked”? Please? God doesn’t waste His time creating rubbish. He doesn’t create and say, “Oh my… I’ve created a mess…what a shame.. oh well… my bad!!”. He is pleased with everyone He creates, including you!

Side note: Don’t get that confused with everything you do! There’s a difference between who you are as a human being and the way in which you choose to live. God is not pleased with all our actions and the choices we make, but He is pleased with you, the being He created.


Next time people, media, society or even the voices in your head try to tear you down, you need to stop and ask yourself what the source of those words or ideas are,  and if it isn’t God, disregard it and reassure yourself of His words about you and live in the fullness of who He has created and called you to be.


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