Is there such a thing? Yes. Can “The One” only be ONE particular person? No. Years ago if you asked me those questions, both of my answers would be yes. But as I grew older I came to realize how the latter is a definite no-no. This was recently a topic of discussion somewhere I was at and I thought I’d share my opinion with you guys. So here it goes!

The One is someone who you know brings out the best in you. The One is someone who you choose to spend the rest of your life with. The One is someone who sees you at your worst and still chooses you. The One is someone who’s aware of your flaws and imperfections yet still loves you all the same. The One is someone who you’re completely and proudly comfortable with. The One is someone who encourages you and wants to see you thrive. The One is someone who is just as elated about your successes as you are. The One is someone who’s constantly reading you, studying you, because they want to know all of you. The One is someone who gets on your last nerve but still gives you the greatest high. The One is someone who you share your hopes and dreams with. The One is someone who isn’t afraid to be naked with you (not physically, but naked with their thoughts, their personality, their secrets, their inner-being, their soul). The One is someone who challenges you and helps you grow. The One is someone who makes you want to be a better person. The One is someone you don’t need right beside you to create a connection. The One is someone you’re attracted to on more than just a physical level. The One is someone you love unconditionally. 

(These are obviously some of the traits I personally value, don’t miss the point if you don’t agree with them, just replace them with your own)


But here’s the thing, you could date five different people and every single one of them could be all those things and do all those things, right? So what actually makes The One, The One? Well, I kinda mentioned it in that passage. That’s entirely up to YOU! It’s who you CHOOSE. I love what one pastor said, which I found quite funny but 1000% true. He said if you believe The One could only be ONE particular person on this whole planet and you end up marrying the wrong “The One”, then you better feel real guilty because that means you’ve messed things up for the entire human race by causing a ripple effect that results in everyone else being paired with the wrong person! 


You see, The One could be ANYONE, because life is all about choices. You choose to be with him even though you know you could be just as happy with that other guy.  You choose to be with her even though you know you could be just as content with that other girl. You choose, that’s why we were given free will. Even God makes choices; to save us, to protect us, to answer our prayers, to forgive us. In all honesty, He really doesn’t have to do any of that ’cause none of us imperfect human beings deserve it, but He still chooses to anyway. It’s the same with you and I. Don’t get yourself worked up trying to figure out who The One is supposed to be. The One lies in your hands, so make a choice, commit to it and be merry about it!


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