Do you ever set themes for your year? One main thing that you want it to encompass of? I know most of us set goals (this does not include social media’s famous #Goals), but I’ve never really heard much of anyone setting a theme. From late last year I’ve had a strong desire and need for change regarding a number of things in my life. So, you guessed it, my theme this year is CHANGE, and I’m doing everything I can in my power to make sure changes happen.

I’ve been living in South Africa for many, many years and never got around to travelling to Cape Town, disgusting. Well, I’m proud to say that a few weeks ago I finally packed my bag and was on my way! It took some time for me to believe it, that I was finally in Cape Town, but when it kicked in eventually, boy did it kick in hard! And all I wanted to do was get lost in all its splendour. The only bummer was, thanks to me telling everyone that would listen – important or nah – that I was finally going, they all threw stuff my way and my list of things to do didn’t match the length of my trip, so I didn’t get around to ticking everything off :(

I feel that saying, “Cape Town is so beautiful”, is a major downplay. As I visited numerous places like a proper tourist, I found myself getting so frustrated at the pictures I took because they looked absolutely nothing like what my naked eyes were feasting on. My arms would literally flop at my sides in disappointment after a couple of shots and I would stand there agape, staring, shaking my head and uttering only one word – wow – as if the views stole my vocabulary along with my attention.

Needless to say, I still tried my very best to capture as much of the beauty as I could through the lens of my trusty phone camera. Although these pictures are barely a fraction of Cape Town and my adventures – as the title of this post hints – a couple of average pictures for memory’s-sake never hurt nobody! Plus, sharing is caring :) But PLEASE, I implore you, do not; I repeat, DO NOT take my pics for it, go out there and treat yourself to an incredible and breathtaking taste of Cape Town! Oh yes, since it’s my first post of the year, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 


PS: Pseudo Naked Eye is a new IG page I set up for the love of my amateur photography, haha. Check it out :)

7 wonders of nature.png

table mount cloudy

top shop

table mount 3 side of house

table mount


signs to garden


mountaint full colour

kids b&w full mountaint

lake 1 mountaint

palm trees and bus
camps b 3

camps bay beach

camps b 2

beach full muiz

girl surfer

boy beach cap

julz and mich over beach

proper j & m sitting

bou hout bay

signal hill 1

view 2 sh


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