blue skin

Today I thought I’d share this short poem by Shel Silverstein. It’s quite sad, how some of us walk around with masks instead of embracing who we are. We walk around with masks, ashamed of who we truly are, ashamed of our differences, ashamed of our past, ashamed of our upbringing, just ashamed of ourselves. We walk around with masks, hiding our true identity, trying to fit in, afraid of being judged, in hopes that someone will fall in love with us, the fake us.

Then someone falls in love with the fake us. Then we have to keep up with the fake us. Until it catches up with us, and all we want to do is break out of the self-inflicted torture and lie we’ve been living. Then that someone leaves us ‘cause we’re no longer the fake us they fell in love with. And we’re back at square one. Was it worth it? All that time wasted?

I wish everyone would be encouraged every day from when they’re little toddlers to be themselves regardless of what anyone says or thinks. Growing older and having to encourage yourself of this is much harder than when you have the encouragement from the start of your innocent years.

Masks. It’s not their fault that we bypass people that would have loved us for who we are, that we bypass great opportunities that are forever gone, that we end up living lies with fake friendships and fake relationships just to fit in with the crowd. It’s our fault. The masks don’t choose us. We choose the mask. We like the mask. At least we think we do. We put on the mask. We get the (wrong) attention we’ve been dying for. We feel accepted, at last. So we keep it on. Not realizing that we’re actually the ones stopping the best friendships, relationships and opportunities from being a part of our life. We’re blocking the best, just to be accepted the rest. The rest is probably wearing masks too. But you wouldn’t know it, because you’re too busy and focused on trying to keep up with their mask.

Forget the mask. Take off the mask. But don’t hate the mask. Hang it up on a wall. So that it serves as a reminder for what you shouldn’t go back to.

Be YOU. Embrace YOU. Love YOU.


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