IMG_20141228_154049The walk through Myeong-Dong was so overwhelming! I didn’t know where to look, what to record, where to go, gggaaaahh!!!! One thing that you’ll never experience while there is hunger. There are food stalls E-VE-RY-WHERE! Ohh how I love that they love food so much to spoil you with so many choices! Mmmmm!

Bet the ladies behind me in the pic on the right thought I was so lame for taking a pic without a selfie-stick 


Soju Cups!!! I still haven’t used any of these, they’re still packed away just as you see them. Except with one missing, my bestie wouldn’t take no for an answer.



Remember when I mentioned Boys Over Flowers? The series that initiated this undying love for South Korea? Well, the main actor, Lee Min Ho…  Listen, you wouldn’t understand unless you watched the series. Let’s just say grabbing some pens with his face on em is definitely a score!! If I could I would have gone for the socks and calendars too!



Just a little sing-a-roo session… Uhm… sing-a-roo? Really Pumzi?…



The subway! Which I was gon’ take all on my own when I headed down to Myeong-Dong for the 2nd time by myself…but I chickened out after my cuz told me that I’d probably have to jump off and get on another train before getting there… I mean… I do like the sound of adventure but uhmm… not when my Korean ain’t up to par and I’m outta cash..



And finally the video! I know I could’ve captured more but between my hands freezing and being caught up in everything around me, it was hard to stay focused. And boy was my skin bugging out, and my cuz kept tellin’ me to drink more water. Well, I did start drinking more after I saw how bad it was getting. Yikes.

Part 5 >>>

<<< Part 3


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