IMG_20141225_160857It was my cousin’s first Christmas in Seoul since she relocated and I’m so glad I was there to spend it with her. We had planned to head out to a certain resrtaurant but it only opened later on in the day, so we went to a different one where we got to barbeque our beef right on our table! Found that so cool.



I got to try kimchi, Soju and a little cabbage wrap (just made up that name). The Soju was…quite bitter but very cooling afterwards. My cousinfood 2 described it as “watered down vodka” Lol! That’s actually quite a spot on description. I’m not sure how Koreans manage to drink a whole bottle of it though! I was watching some program on TV and someone mentioned that Soju is also called ‘Happy Water’, which I didn’t know. It’s said to help lift up people’s spirits when they’re feeling down, worn out, not feeling so great ‘bout having to get up for work in the morning etc. On the flipside it’s also used for celebrations!


Metal chopsticks??? Never even knew they existed!

food 1


There are so many different types of kimchi but unfortunately I didn’t get to try a variety. The kimchi I did try though was quite nice, would have just liked it a little bit spicier. Really good stuff nevertheless.


Cabbage wrap! So in Korean series I sometimes see them take a piece of cabbage and stuff it with little portions of food and shove it in their mouth. I did exactly that and it was SO GOOD! I could have gotten my cousin to order more! I really don’t know why I said no, maybe it’s ‘cause I already felt like such a pig with my mouth stuffed when the waitress came to check on us.




After Christmas lunch we stopped by a little store to get some Churros! I’d never had them before and actually didn’t even what they were. I remember my best friend attacking me after she saw my Instagram post saying she’s been wanting Churros all her life and there I was just eating them blindly lol…oops. We had to stand outside in a really long queue, but it was worth it!













Here’s a little video I put together of our Christmas lunch which, believe me, is so much more entertaining than what our Christmas dinner was *sigh*


Part 4 >>>

<<< Part 2


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