seoul flagSoooooo I’m FINALLY sharing bits of my trip to South Korea, Seoul, after last mentioning it in this post. I think I kept putting it off because as oppose to just pictures and dancing, I was being a little bit more interactive in these videos which makes me really, really, REALLY nervous! And I still can’t say I’ve actually managed to get rid of the nerves but it’s more of a lemme-just-get-this-over-with attitude that I had to adopt, so, here it goes! Eek!  



IMG_20141221_135001When I first decided I wanted to travel to Seoul, my initial plan was to go there and teach English. I decided I’d save up, get my TEFL Certificate and soon make my way over. But God switched this up in such an unpredictable way. My cousin, who originally worked in Zambia, was asked to relocate to Seoul (out of ALL countries?? my dream destination? God’s work I tell ya!). She relocated there with other staff for a period of which I assumed would be a few weeks. Turns out she’d be there for much longer than a few weeks, much longer than a few months even! So when my dad offered to organize a ticket for me to go visit her, there’s no way I was backing down from that offer. And on the 21st of December 2014, I was on that flight and on my way! 


In this first clip (right at the bottom) I was just tryna capture whatever bits of scenery that I could as we were driving. I don’t think it actually sunk in properly that I was there until I walked along Itaewon Main Street and heard everyone speaking Hangeul! Everything was just SO surreal! Itaewon is the neighbourhood where my cousin stays. The weather was really reeeeaaaally cold, but not as cold as I anticipated. The indoor heating is out of this world! I overpacked, like waaayyyy overpacked, because the only time you’re hit by the cold is when you’ve been standing outside for a while. The minute you step indoors anywhere, you could walk around in a t-shirt and flops and be absolutely fine! I always wondered if Koreans actually wear short dresses and skirts during winter the way I’ve seen them do in their series, and they actually do! At first I thought, “Ok these guys are out.of.their.MINDS!” But when I realized how crazy their indoor heating is, it actually made sense. They can afford to dress like that ’cause as long as they’re not standing outside foreeeever, they won’t even really feel the cold. Well, that’s my own assumption anyway.


The first thing I recognized when I walked into the house was the bed slippers right by the door just as they always are in all the Korean series I’ve watched. People walk in, take their shoes off and slip on a comfy pair of bed slippers!! It’s like that little area right before that little step is meant exactly for that reason. Ahhh mann… made me so happy to see and do that, hehe :)


I had my first meal outdoors at this little restaurant called My Chi Chi’s  I don’t know why I find that name funny. The meal was reeeaaal good, and one thing I absolutely love about eating out in Seoul is, I don’t even have to ask for water. It’s almost like a default thing they make sure to bring to your table, like crockery! Well, that was a big thing for me ’cause my meals are never complete without water, it’s always the first thing I order.

IMG_20141223_134412 IMG_20141223_150539












I thought the way they packaged my cousin’s leftovers was quite cute, check it out, with a little bow? C’mon, gotta appreciate the extra :)



Something I found SO funny was, as I was flipping through the channels on TV, I found SpongeBobSquarePants, but it was in KOREAN! I don’t even like SpongeBobSquarePants but I couldn’t help but just stare at the screen, amused! I eventually grabbed my video camera to record a glimpse of it for you to see!


Check out the video below if you’d like to see some of these little bits! :)

Part 2 >>>


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