So it’s finally come to the end of my Seoul Sailing series :( just sharing a few pictures and a short video clip of a glimpse into my New Year’s celebration with my cousin.


IMG_20150102_210030Firstly, the Namsan Tower!! Oh my goodness! Words cannot express the excitement I had to ride the Namsan cable car! It was SOO packed that the video footage I have is so pointless to share ‘cause I barely recorded anything worth looking at, bleh.

When we got to the top I didn’t expect that there would be so much going on. The souvenir stores had such cute goodies, t-shirts, gadgets, mugs, bags, gaahhh!! I wish I would have gone there earlier on in my trip and not towards the end when I was outta cash  There was so much I wanted to buy and I just had to keep telling myself, “Don’t worry Pumzi, you’ll be back” *sigh*


Only thing that made the stay up at the top a little painful was of course, the weather. IT WAS FREEZING!!!! Being up there was the coldest I’d ever been while in Seoul! My toes seriously felt as if they were broken and bleeding. Like someone had been hammering at them for hours then told me to just get on with my life. It may sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m not, it was quite bad guys, but still SO worth it!







After the Namsan Tower we passed by I’ Park mall for some last minute gifts and dinner at TGIFridays. Yum!






Last but not at all the least, New Year’s!! My cuz and I had NO clue what we were gonna do to celebrate. No. Freakin. Clue! I even started Googling places of where it could possibly be going down. What we ended up doing however, was getting dressed, walking right out the house and roaming around until we found a spot that looked like it was poppin’ off. For real, we just walked around peering through windows like creeps. We didn’t care though, it was New Year’s Eve, we wanted a great time and we were determined to make sure we had one.



When we saw Prost, we both had the same this-is-it feeling. We were like, “There’s even an entrance fee? It’s gotta be goin’ down here!” So we looked no further and made our way in. It was a FANTASTIC choice! Compared to all the other places we saw, Prost was definitely the place to be! In fact, when I was waiting in line for the ladies at one point, I ended up chatting to someone and she told me that things were actually a little toned down compared to how things usually are. But what would I know about that? To me, Prost was the hot spot either way! I was expecting to hear some K-Pop which I absolutely wouldn’t have minded but there was none of that. They were bumpin’ some real good old school tracks and then switched it up and even played I  by Kendrick Lamar! Hello?! That was just confirmation that I was in the right place.


As I mentioned, everything was so unplanned and because of that I thought it was a good idea to leave my video camera at home. Err, not such a great idea, I was so bummed I left it. Anyway, my cousin recorded some random moments that you can check out below. Oh and heads up, her scream after the countdown is quite something 


Thanks for Seoul sailing with me through this series, I hope you guys enjoyed it. It’s definitely the best holiday I’ve been on by faaaar! I can’t thank my cousin enough for her loving hospitality and effort to try and make sure I got to do everything I had planned. God really came through for me in the most unpredictable way with this trip. Whatever your heart’s desires are, I hope you get to experience them too. This was one of mine and sometimes I still can’t believe it actually all happened.

Thank you for reading!!

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