HAPPY 2018!!!!

How did you spend your NYE celebrations? I’d love to say I was out, turnt up, doing the most, losing my mind, being ratchet, but nope, this girl right here was sleeping, that’s right, S-L-E-E-P-I-N-G!

I had spent the whole afternoon helping out a friend with some errands and by the time I got home after the sun set, my body collapsed and I couldn’t bring myself to get up and drive anywhere. Lame. Old. Really old. Where’s my walking stick? Is this life? Is this a form of adulting? Am I a gran? Whatever. I still got up to catch a few fireworks and watch my dog bolt around the yard like someone lit a firecracker up her butt, shame.


Anyway! If you read my post at the beginning of 2017, you’ll see that I said my theme for the year was Change. Did things change? Yes. Quite a bit actually. The biggest change I aimed for will only materialize this year but that’s perfectly fine, I can’t wait to share what it is with you guys!


So my theme for 2018? Fearless: Year of Courage. It’s the reason why I chose that picture to go with this post. I looked up what the colour red symbolizes and came across a number of things. Courage, determination and action were amongst a couple of the words associated with it and I thought that fit perfectly with my theme!


Assuming the one thing I’m waiting for happens, this year is going to require a great amount of courage and a fearless spirit. And even if it doesn’t, being fearless for the sake of a number of other things I want to put into action will be very necessary for lil’ ol’ introverted me. I’ve already kicked off with putting this into action by uploading my very first video for this year, eek! And there will be more to follow, scary stuff.


Got any theme for this year? Feel free to share!

I hope 2018 is your BEST YEAR YET!


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