11So a friend of mine has been watching Korean series behind my back  I didn’t know that from getting her to watch one she would dive in and go on watching a whole bunch! She’s been asking me which other ones I would recommend so I thought I’d do a post dedicated to her on some of my personal favourites! Putting this together I hadn’t realized how many I’ve actually watched! I was only gonna do eight, then ten, then I had to squeeze in one more and tell myself, “That’s it!”


No surprises here, duh! I mean, even the one person I least expected to stick this out got so sucked in! Truly one of the BEST Korean series everrr!! Besides Lee Min Ho’s good looks, I looove the different personalities of the four boys; the lady’s man, the cutie, the introvert, and the one that always blurts out English randomly (I found him SO funny!). Let’s not forget the very dramatic main actress, gosh LOL, her outbursts can be so over the top, guess it’s a good thing her best friend is so cool, calm and collected. Ooooohh I remember how anxious I was about how it would end! If there’s one Korean series that you had to choose to watch just to say you’ve seen one, I’d definitely recommend this one!


bof final



I’m still trying to get one of my friends to watch this series! Arrgghh, the problem is the first few episodes can be a bit slow and not very interesting so I can understand her reluctance, I was like that too. But I pushed on, and the story that unfolds is… I don’t even know how to explain… my emotions were all over the place, I didn’t know how to feel Yes, I got that emotionally involved. It’s such a hectic bitter-sweet story, it will have you aww-ing in a really happy and really sad way.. *sigh*… Even after having said that I feel like watching it all over again, at least I already know how it ends.


love final



Looking for some really good laughs? This is the spot right here! This is one of the cutest and funniest Korean series I’ve watched. I know the name is a little…weird, but don’t let that put you off. It’s SO adorable and Shin Min-Ah (main actress) is so beautiful! In my opinion anyway.


gf final



Suspense! Suspense! Suspense! Damn… I’m so use to watching Korean dramas that are either comedic, funny, action-packed, or a good mix of all three, but this one right here? Caught me waayyyyy off-guard! It was a recommendation from one of the TTMIK teachers which he told me about while I was in Seoul *reminisces for a few seconds * Every time I had the TV to myself I didn’t waste any time watching it. It had me right on the edge and I also feel it has such a great life-lesson too, but I won’t mention it ‘cause it could act as a little spoiler. I’ll admit I wasn’t too pleased with the ending, not that it was terrible but it was sort of flat and leaves you with a lot of questions. As if the suspense throughout the series wasn’t enough, they leave you hanging right at the very end too. Most definitely a series worth watching and Lee Jin-Wook (main actor) makes for some really, really great eye candy too, just saying!


nine final



In the highly unlikely and random event that I get asked to compare this to an American movie I’d have to go with Legally Blond. The plot is similar in some type of way. Please don’t excuse this series if you didn’t enjoy Legally Blond, it’s just my opinion. Check it out and see for yourself. I loved Park Si-Hoo (main actor), there was just something about him, maybe it was the mysterious nature he had to portray? Hmmm.


pp final



This was the first Korean series I watched that was a lot more action-packed than others, which I loved! I don’t know what it is about watching people kick some butt but I really do enjoy it. And I mean… Lee Min Ho is the main actor, hello?! Win-win! AND Kim Sang-Joong (bottom left pic), such a G!! Ahhhh, LOVE this series!


city final



I totally dig Yoon Eun-Hye (main actress), like I-wanna-be-her-friend type of dig her. I’ve watched her in a few other series as well. She’s really funny and kind of dorky, there’s just something really different about her compared to other actresses :) This series actually reminds me of something, LOL! If you choose to make up lies, you better make sure you’ve thought of every possible outcome that could come from them, tsk-tsk.


lie final



I’m not gonna lie (no, I didn’t say that on purpose to link it with the previous one, haha), the title of this series put me off on several occasions until one day I was just like, “OK finne!! I’ll watch it!” Hmmm… tryna think if the title matched up to what the series was about.. *thinking*… Yyyeeaa it did, just not in the way that you might be thinking. “How do you know what I’m thinking?”, you ask, well, ’cause I thought the same thing too!


sly final



I fell in love with this series from the first episode and my friend thought I was exaggerating when I said it was quite an entertaining one. But guess what happened when I got her to watch it??? She even passed where I was and I had to catch up with her! I mean c’mon! Surely then she should trust me when I say Love Rain is worth it!!! Anyway, another series with a click of boys and one girl. There are a few things in here that had me like, “This is why I love Korean series!”. Their humour can be so unexpected, I love it!


beauty final



I like that Lee Min Ho tries out different scenarios, like in The Heirs (though that series has not captured me in the way I expected, I must still go back and give it one more shot), I like his diversity. When my friend told me to watch this, considering the title, I didn’t expect all the fantasy and warrior elements to it. Then having seen that, I didn’t think I’d like it but I’ve learned to always give these series a shot ’cause several have proved my notions wrong. Kim Hee-Sun (main actress) was really striking for me, she can switch from so cute to so beautiful just like that *snaps fingers*. And…oh, I’ve already spoken about Lee Min Ho… errhm..moving right along…


faith final



This also falls in the ‘really funny’ category for Korean series that I’ve watched. Thinking back I remember how many giggles I had throughout it. My sister and I still have random moments where I scan through episodes just to laugh at random scenes. I have to give it to Jung Sung-Hwa though (center pictures), it wouldn’t be the same without him 


pt final


Now I know there probably aren’t many (or any at all) Korean drama fans that visit my blog but if you just so happen to be one, please do recommend some!

Hope this has helped you Tash! :)


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